5 Women Who Are Changing The World

Have you ever noticed that men get way more recognition than women for very often the same kind of job? For instance: English chemist Rosalind Franklin made pioneering studies on the structure of DNA. However, her contributions were largely ignored, at least until her death, while her male counterparts went on to win the Nobel Prize.

rosalind franklin dna women who change the world

There are many more stories like hers. In this post, therefore, I would like to point out the names of five women who are changing the world by their respective fields. Because, why realize the importance of someone when they are gone? Why not when they are present?

Politics: Jacinda Ardern

The prime minister of New Zealand is one of the most sane leaders in today's world. Her most recent decision to provide sanitary pads for free has earned popular support. She has also tackled with great calm and compassion the terrorist attack in Christchurch all the while taking care of her little one.

Activism: Greta Thunberg

She is a young visionary girl who has deep concerns for the future of Earth. Greta came to public attention due to her School Strike for Climate, a once in a week initiative, which quickly turned into a world-wide movement. More children speak for Earth today than ever thanks to her efforts.

Films: Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee has garnered not only critical acclaim but also box office numbers from small budget films. Her roles in Pink, Mulk, Thappad and Saand Ki Aankh have demonstrated the strength in womanhood. Not only by films, she actively raises her voice in real life against any sort of injustice in the society.

Science: Jane Goodall

English anthropologist Jane Goodall has studied primates for over 60 years and advocates for the rights of animals on a global stage. She is also the UN messenger of peace whose goal in life has been to show the intimate relationship between human civilization and its effect on the planet.

Journalism: Faye D'Souza

Faye has done shows on issues like women empowerment, communal violence and corruption. She has become a voice for reason at a time that many may consider dark. Her way of journalism is simple and responsible. But, she is not the one to shy away from voicing her own opinion, as well.


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