Tug of War

Two wildly separate fields have inspired the following cartoon: physics and politics. In physics, when the component vectors "help" each other out, the resultant is much larger than the individual constituents.

tug of war politics democracy cartoon

Democracy is probably fighting a losing battle. That, I feel, because whichever institution has the hold of power, seems to take advantage of it, in one way or the other.

Worse: the high and mighty institutions have, on many occasions, worked in synergy to bring those without voices down.

Something of "this sort" had happened in Hathras that night and on the nights that followed.

How could they misuse of the power which was bestowed upon them by ordinary people in the first place?

That, I find hard to understand.

Perhaps, because, if they work well with those "other forces", they can easily sway the mind of people who'd then grant them the same "powers" all over again!?

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