Selfie of The Earth

Pale blue dot was a picture of Earth taken by Voyager spacecraft from a record distance of 3 billion kilometers! The following video is an insightful commentary on that "selfie of the earth" by me, written originally by Carl Sagan.

This is why I love space and astronomy. When considered the big picture, all our petty differences such as those based on land, clothing, color, caste, sex, religion, race and ideology, they fade away.

This picture, single-handedly gave to human beings a perspective that was unthinkable a century ago. Yet, ironically, we continue being caught up in silly fights, now more so on social media.

I feel it's about time that we realize how our rivalries have been created "artificially" from time to time by those with power and authority to gain even greater power and control over masses of people.

By looking at the pale blue dot, I also understand how rare and therefore precious life is. But, at the same time, that life should not be unique because in a universe so big, even rare events must occur all the time, right!?

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