I was asked to be brave, to be strong,

When the sky was so full of gloom.

But as far as I looked, as much as I could

There wasn't even a tiny little hint of blue.

self help poem by vedang sati

How then was it me wrong if

All my hopes had been lost?

When the promises of light seemed

To me to be illusions and false?

Even so, I persisted, holding on to

The lessons of yesterday...

And then deeper when I sought, there was

A glimmer of hope inside of me still.

As soon as I realized, the darkened clouds

Slowly withered away, one by one.

Like a miracle of a sort...but which it was not.

Because the Sun was there all along, I noticed.

Felt foolish to have doubted in my own self

But not so much though...Since, at last, I had

Passed the mazy test!

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