Osamu Tezuka

After I finished watching Dororo on Prime, I looked it up on the internet to learn more. It was written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka, who's renowned as "God of Modern Anime" for having created a characteristic large-eyed cartoon characters, which we dearly call anime.

god of manga tezuka osamu drawing by vedang sati

He pioneered a post world-war Japanese art revolution in 1947 whereby mangaka was started to be seen as a legitimate profession.

In 1952, Tezuka created Astro Boy, the most recognizable anime character of all time. His other works include, Dororo, Princess Knight, Phoenix and Black Jack.

Tezuka died of stomach cancer aged only 60. His last words were: "I'm begging you...let me work!" spoken to a nurse who tried to snatch his drawing equipment.

Needless to say, Osamu Tezuka is my hero!

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