What's Cooking In My Life?

Be it two-minute maggi masala noodles or grilled cheese sandwich; a fluffy butter omelette or even the sophisticated matar paneer; I enjoy cooking the whole process of it as much as I enjoy eating.

why veganism in india is important

Especially due to the covid pandemic in India I had the chance to experiment with food a lot more than before. So this is that story.

why veganism in india is important
My hobby

In March, when the lockdown just had started, I came across Arvind Animal Activist YouTube video in which one of his arguments hit me really hard. He said, "Every year we protest against China's dog eating festival as if the suffering of a dog is any more than that of a goat or a cow or a pig or a chicken?"

Relax, before you stop reading, please let me assure you that I am not here to convert anybody. I am just going to state why I decided to change; why because it did make some sense to me. But suppose if by the end you also feel the same way then you must decide what is best for you.

The classic rebuttal of a hard-core meat eater would be, "Plants also feel pain so stop eating plants also," and trust me this was once mine as well. How naive of me to justify a wrong with some half baked reasoning!

But after studying a little more biology (which I hadn't taken seriously back in the day) I learned that in order to experience torture or suffering must require a central nervous system in the living body. Which plants have not and all the animals do.

As much as I had loved gulping down non-veg food be it Mutton Biryani or Butter Chicken I realized how just for the sake of taste on my tongue I had been part of this whole exercise of artificial breeding and taking the life of some innocent animal.

Then came to mind Animal Farm and The Promised Neverland.

why veganism in india is important

The former a novella from 1945 by George Orwell in which a group of farm animals rebel against their human farmer hoping to create a society where the animals can be equal, free, and happy.

Latter an anime in which human children discover by accident that they are brought up in an orphanage (which actually is just a farm) so to become food for alien customers.

Both the fictions spoke to me with logic and reason.

I gave in.

I became a vegetarian instantly. Throughout April I remained so.

To protest against dog eating Chinese people (if dog be their food) is wrong, at least logically, if I am to sit in my room and do the same thing, that is, eat just some another animal from the market. In the words of a famous Indian politician, "Hypocrisy ki ek seema hoti hai!"

Then in May beginning I came to know that dairy is equally as evil.

Trigger warning: violence & forceful insemination.

Before you go away, think about this warning for a moment. Also think about how we just cannot look at a video which shows animal cruelty at a farm with blood and all that. If we be so sensitive to the visuals think about the creatures who go through it on a day to day basis.

Why dairy is equally as wrong?

The male calf is butchered right after birth for the leather it will make up. The female calf on the other hand is separated from her mother. Despite her repeated cry to unite with her newborn she is beaten up to stop all the drama; the little bit of milk is given to the baby; so she sees; but while the rest of it is stolen to make a packet of milk.

The baby will be fed more than enough (but not with her mother's milk) so to make it big and useful in the end. When mature she is to be held tight by some men for she tries to run away and then inseminated by force.

Gaay Hamaari Mata Hai?

Here is another bad news: in the end when all is done and dusted the cow or buffalo be slaughtered and exported. Related fact: India is the second largest exporter of beef in the world and you know now why.

To be honest this is getting harder for me to type.

Even so, the mirror better be shown.

From May onwards I became a vegan. During this time I made coconut milk at home thanks to this video; never thought that it would be so tasty!

why veganism in india is important

As I was browsing through YouTube videos I found that people in the west are surviving on fruit salads especially that Novak Djokovic guy. However, an Indian could easily become vegan with all the taste in the world because there's so much variety of food here that we cook with so many spices that we mix; by the way 90% of Virat Kohli's diet is vegan!

If the world will slowly turn to veganism there will no longer be dog eating, goat sacrificing, cow slaughtering, forceful insemination (also known as rape) and many other cruelties on animals. All will live and die naturally as they are supposed to without the pain or suffering.

I want to finish this post by saying just this, "Let your heart and mind be more convincing than your tongue!"

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