How I Cured My Anxiety

The following autobiographical post was penned by Stuti from The Brown Headed so I want to thank her first for writing about an issue which is important I believe to everyone. Plus, if you have some time to kill, about a month before, I submitted my post titled, The Odd Name, for her website, which is a comical story about my strange-awkward-often-misunderstood last name. So, check it out whenever you feel like it!

symptoms of anxiety disorder
Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety, especially in the day and age of internet, has become a very common problem among teenagers and young adults. But most people suffering from anxiety issues either are not aware of this or are not ready to admit this mess that they suffer from.

Unfortunately, I was one of those teenagers, that is, I endured anxiety attacks for over a year without knowing what I was going through! Also I didn’t take it seriously at first because who does right?

We assume that these things should happen to everyone; naturally due to the stress from exams and result and so on. Which is why, I did not bother to discuss this problem with my parents.

However, what forced me into sharing it with them was one incident when I was at my college. Two very severe and simultaneous attacks hit me hard; severe enough that I almost fainted and dropped; if not for the friends who handled the situation well; put me to ease.

That was when I finally realized that this was not due to exam stress. It definitely had to be more and it needed a proper medical treatment.

I remember I called my Mom almost immediately and her first reaction was as expected, “This might have happened because of exams,” she said. But when I complained repeatedly of such attacks and when they worsened with each passing day, my mother decided to consult a professional.

During the winter break she took me to a clinical psychologist and I was diagnosed with Anxiety. We got to know that anxiety disorder is the most common mental illness in the world. But mine, luckily, hadn't reached a more serious level yet and it was treatable. The only question which ran through my mind was that if this wasn't "the serious level" already then what was!?

Then I took several healing sessions for a complete month after which the frequency of those attacks declined considerably. From thrice every week to twice every three weeks, then to only once in a month. I was so pleased with the progress I cannot put in words.

To be honest if one has severe anxiety attacks they cannot be fully cured but they could be brought to under great control by bringing about a change in their lifestyle.

That refers to habits like waking up on time, sleeping on time, daily exercise, breathing in and out deeply and avoiding stuff with caffeine.

Above all, I want to emphasize on the importance of medical treatment. I wish there was no stigma around it because this is a natural suffering which one could heal from if treated well in time. Please do keep this in mind everyone and thank you for reading through to the end.

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