The Bird Must Sing

From a long time, she was always trying, but alas, for someone else. For her two teenage children: girl and boy; both quick witted, equally unique in their own ways, tech savvy much like all the rest of the millennials. But she would try so hard that she often came across as intrusive!

She used to experiment with food night after night of course with help from her seldom derisive babies; just so to please her man. Because after all, that one dead fella had famously proclaimed, "The way to man's heart is through his stomach," it did make some sense back in the day she thought.

But each day began, each night ended, more or less, in the same way; like running in a circle. She denied it a 1000 times yet she was trapped in a loop ad infinitum. How could she not have arrived at the conclusion that, "To live without newness is to not live at all"? Maybe she just had forgotten to take interest in herself or could it be that she was waiting for it–the great realization–to come from someplace else??

a short story about dreaming and longing

"Mom!?!" Pari shouted at the top of her voice. "You don't have to barge into my room like this you know?" Contrary to her name, every now and then, she is too bold to handle; like a devil untamed!

"But I was just..." Pria stood shook even though she had seen it coming.

Pari indeed annoyed, shrieked. "I've told you literally a million times; respect my privacy like I respect yours; don't you get it already?"

"Whatever," Pria replied with a no care attitude. "This is your glass of milk, take it, drink it, and I will leave in a jiffy!"

Pari just had started to lose it. "I don't even like the milk," she blasted. "D'you even know your own daughter?"

Pria did not engage further; she pretended calm; put down the glass of milk on the table; and faded. Unfortunately, it has been like this for some two-three years now. Well the two kids have gotten older, probably wiser, which is good, except that they also are perpetually ready to debate and argue.

Vivek, thirteen, was preoccupied by his favorite computer game; unaware that in the room adjacent, some rampant yelling just had occurred out of the blue! His headphones were noise cancelling so he could not entirely be blamed–but he did however see his mom enter; place the milk and go without saying.

Much like a Yogi he knew something was up. Vivek was younger meaning his hormones hadn't kicked in just yet; he quit gaming as he prepared himself for a battle more real; that whether to side with his sister or with his mother!

"Mom, what's wrong?" he asked ever so inquisitively.

"Why, ask your sister." Pria retorted like a typical mother would.

So he did.

"Pari, what's wrong?" Vivek asked ever so innocently.

"Urrghhh, get out of my room, you idiot!!" Pari raged like a typical sister would.

Well someone must say otherwise this game of reality better be abandoned Vivek thought. "Mom, she won't let me in!" he complained. "Why's she always like this with me; am I not even her brother!?"

"And what am I to you both?" Pria followed up with another rhetorical question. "You two always gang up on me, don't you, am I not permitted to see my own children in my own house that is?"

"Oh, so this is it I see..."

"What do you know Vivek?" A sparkle of tear just had started to appear in the corner of Pria's eye. She gulped: "I give my every inch of my body to you two; what do I get in return disrespect and contempt!"

"So don't naa," Pari who was eavesdropping quipped. "Get a f***ing life!!"

A daunting silence filled the room.

Vivek rolled his eyes. "She's much older," he thought to himself, "But hasn't quite learned what not to say when smh!"

"Mom, please, look at me," Vivek begged. "Don't you pay no heed to her, she is just offended, that is all. We love and respect who you are," he continued, "It is just that we don't show it enough so much like you do, trust me!"

"No, think she's right, Vivek." A bulb had been lit!

"What do you mean?" Pari wondered mockingly. "Ah, let me guess, this another of your sarcastic replies?"

A frustrated Vivek goggled at Pari in total disbelief: "Don't you never learn?" He bursted.

"What, no, you two, come on, stop it already!"

Pria felt underrated.

So she got up; the little bit of tear in her eye just had vanished into thin air; whole of her body shaking with anxiety and her face glowing with new-found confidence, which, by the way, just for the record, had always remained deep within. Example, when she went against her father's wishes to join art school; but as time ran its course her morale became dormant.

"All what I'm saying is," Pria explained. "I will get a life." She emphasized with a glimmer of hope, "That of my own!"

In just a moment of calm, the two juveniles had been overthrown from Power. They looked at one another dampened by what just had transpired.

Pria, on the other hand, twinkling, finally had decided to try; to try with utmost sincerity; just not for someone else no more!

To be continued...

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