Why I Love Space

When I was ten years old, my mother got me a wonderful book on astronomy; titled "deep deep space" it allowed me enter the world beyond earth; at an early age, I was blown away by the beauty and enormity of the universe!

carl sagan richard feynman why i love astronomy

I learned there are all sorts of interesting things in space: squashed and pulsating stars; planets of gas and diamond; horse and crab shaped nebulae; antimatter fountain and the list goes on.

But there is much more to it than just stuff: from outer space the earth looks like nothing but just a speck of dust. All the petty differences such as those based on land, clothing, color, caste, sex, religion, race and ideology they fade away.

I am referring to "the pale blue dot" picture of earth which was taken by Voyager 1 from six billion km away at the request of astronomer Carl Sagan.

In the picture, our planet is merely a point of blue light amidst a tremendous range of space and time. Therefore to think that all of this existence can just be a stage so that some "supernatural entity" can observe human beings struggle for good and evil is ludicrous.

Which is why I love space; not because of crazy fancy stuff out there but because it has given to us a perspective that was unthinkable for human mind one hundred years ago.

That life is rare and precious; but also that life should not be unique; because in a universe so big rare events must occur all the time.

That our insignificant rivalries have been created from time to time by social and political leaders to gain power and control over masses of people.

That I can free myself from mental slavery; that I start to think on my own terms; create my own purpose and meaning and reality in life. I love space and astronomy because they empower me.

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