Migrant Labour Crisis in India

The ordinary working class person is painfully burdened by millennial noise and propaganda; what is their status; have they gotten home safely; are they eating well; the builders of new India; who speaks for them?

migrant crisis in india amidst corona virus pandemic

All the human citizens of India must ask this question: who will benefit if the people that survive on daily wages are to be abandoned overnight by a state order? Nobody will; not even the ruling government.

The cries of little children sat on the shoulders of their crumbling fathers will echo for an unbearable amount of time if the situation is not soon improved.

As the privileged ones netflix and chill at home, the migrant workers stand in queues for one meal a day. Many who see no hope are going away from the cities decided never to return.

This is not the way forward for new India. Recognizing that among the biggest employers of migrant workers is the construction sector, who will build the hospitals and schools and colleges if there's no manual labour?

If they don't plan to return, they will probably take up agriculture or animal husbandry. There is then two possibilities: that the farming sector grows or more number of farmer debts occur than ever.

Whichever is the case, there will be shortage of migrant worker in the city. As a result of which, the construction sector will observe some decline.

To forget unjust behaviour and diversion from their real issues will take a long time. This means that it will require a lot of persuasion to bring them back.

No doubt corona virus pandemic is the most responsible for this ongoing crisis. But, inefficient administration and ignorance are culprits too.

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