Feminism Misunderstood

Just recently I came across a video on Instagram; there's this girl who's against feminism and she's very bold about it. While I applaud her for presenting her views with that clarity but alas they're wrong views and I want to explain why.

why feminism is important a reply to Divyangna Trivedi

First, let me state this; when I debunk her opinion I am not attacking her as a person; instead I am merely indicating that her ideas about feminism are flawed.

Because, I was once riding the same boat; believing that feminism has to do with belittling men; I was so dead wrong. But hey haven't we all been through immaturity?

I'm just glad that over the course of time I've learned and evolved and changed and that is a good thing ain't it; to reject incorrect belief?

I point this bit out since she starts off by saying, "I am subject to correction," but ends her video with, "I will stick to my words," which is contradictory. I just hope she didn't mean it and that I'm reading too much into this.

However, moving on, she says that the objective of feminism is reduced to "supremacy of women over men" but that has never been the case and never will be hence incorrect belief.

Because the goal of feminism is to challenge the systemic inequalities women face on a daily basis. For example, when man and woman do the same type of job but the woman gets paid less.

In the video, she goes on to attack the word itself but with an argument that is laughable; "..the word feminism has no men in it," she says.

A brief history: the word feminism was coined in 1837 by French philosopher Charles Fourier. He was an outspoken supporter for women's rights; his views which were considered radical at the time have become mainstream now.

For instance, Fourier believed, that all the important jobs should be open to women on the basis of skill and aptitude rather than closed merely on account of gender.

why feminism is important a reply to Divyangna Trivedi
The man who started it

The feminist movement does not allow for supremacy; it is those people on the other side of the spectrum who have twisted the word to fit their need; they just want to separate men from the feminist movement that is all.

Because feminism is simply a call for the same degrees of freedom for women as there are for men; is it then not important that men and women both become part of such a noble cause?

Think about this: women have as much individuality as men; with as many dreams as men; right? But, sad reality is, they are bound by family and thought less of in general; why otherwise films like Dangal be made?

I want to argue, in the end, that viral videos like hers discredit just the word whereas the soul or purpose of the word remain quite intact. Which is why some of the men will educate themselves on feminism and convert like I did.

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