The Theory of Relativity

Before she departed, I wished so deeply to obtain a memory of hers to sustain me through the hardships of separation. I'm a pretty decent looking person, actually, well yes, but I will have to admit that there's others like me, even those better, and yet somehow she agreed to see me. How could someone so angelic say yes to a mundane earthly being like myself? Which is why, I am convinced, "when you want something genuinely, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it."

She had been preparing for the imminent, her journey, half the world away, to a place she could really call her home. Despite which, she gave her time to an online friend, in other words to a complete stranger, to whom she hadn't known or met before, which just goes on to show how kind she has to be, don't you think so? Or perhaps, more correctly, she gave in to my utter desperation, hell, I do not even know how it went and all, but I think she must have recognized a trusted friend in me, or may be more, hopefully.

When I saw her from the distance, my heart beat so wildly, I really thought it was going to explode. As we came closer to one another, it settled, thankfully, to normal. The first thing I noticed was definitely her hair, damn it, never in my life had I seen so perfectly dark, straight hair. She cried how she had always wanted them round and curly and I giggled, thinking to myself, "most girls would envy you, stupid!"

I may have appeared fine, I guess, but I am not too sure about it, mainly because, I had travelled so long across the big metro city just to be able to see her. I did not care enough about my looks even though they claim that the first impressions are the last but as long as I could see her smiling when she sat beside me I thought I was doing okay and I was glad to be sitting next to her.

She had once told me in a chat that they hardly got to eat home-cooked food in their housing facility. I had pretty much decided, right there and then, even when we hadn't made any plans, that whenever I get to meet her I will make it so that she tastes some thing made with great caring and fondness in the warmth of a home. More importantly, I wanted to prepare some for her despite me being a slightly average cook but I did it so with feelings.

Unfortunately, after all the travelling I had done, even the aluminum foil could not keep the heat in-tact. The egg-mushroom-bean-cheese sandwiches which I had prepared so much with mood had lost their charm. Despite which, she ate it, claiming it to be good enough, even when I did not really like it myself! I was kind of tired from all the anticipating but every now and then she would smile and my fatigue would fade away.

We talked and talked about whatever ran through our minds. About things related also about things unrelated. I liked how she's determined to work hard, night after night, just to fulfill the wishes and dreams of her family. Sometimes I wonder does she even live for herself? She told me that they are going to be celebrating soon since her parents have completed 25 years of togetherness. She curiously wondered what would be the appropriate gift, and as I looked at her thinking, I suggested a grand party. Just about then, a large stray dog came running towards us wagging its tiny tail and sat just below our feet. Due to a slightly brown color I happened to call it Brownie and she exclaimed, "I like brownies!" I did not realize, how in her company, time went away too fast, and it got pretty dark, and I had to go long to return. She had also got to prepare for her voyage across the country and we were to go our separate ways.

Sometimes I photograph constellations at night. Those persistent patterns in the dark sky always make me feel at ease. On one such night, she had made it known to me that she was a Gemini. I figured it out from general knowledge that her birthday would therefore be hitting in the summer season which was why I arranged her a gift for the summer, a comfy t-shirt in the color she liked the most, pink. Her surprise made it even more so pleasing for me as I wished her happy birthday much in advance. I suppose when she is celebrating it, she will probably remember to look up and wish upon a star and then all her dreams, I hope, do come true.

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