Republic Day celebrations

Today just happened to begin on a good note for some reason! Well, of course, there is a national festival on this day as we celebrate the constitution of India which came into force in 1950. But there is another reason why I am so thrilled and why this post in particular.

republic day 2020 street celebration delhi

Early morning, I was on my way to a nearby shop so to get some eggs and bread for a typical Sunday breakfast. While the majority of people stick in the front of their TV sets, to marvel at the parades and so on, there was this little group, of the young ones, of different religions, who'd gathered on the stage, in the middle of the street, to read the Indian constitution.

I was instantly hooked. Forget eggs and breads, the ignorant me stayed here for quite a while, learning. The Indian constitution declares a secular India, not "sickular", secular.. meaning.. not having to do with religious or spiritual matters, or agnosticism in other words, while also at the same time, the constitution provides the freedom to practice your faith assuring the dignity of each and every individual.

In my opinion, this day to celebrate the constitution has become more "show sha" and "ho halla". There is speeches, dances, parades, award ceremonies, guests of honors, shows of nuclear arsenal and what not. I have spent most my life watching the same things over and over again, but lately I have come to realize, and especially in the current political scenario, that the constitution is all the more important.

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