New Year, New Me

To be honest, I have never been able to commit to my new year's resolution over the past two, three years. But on this new year's day, I just happened to read an article in The Times of India regarding the "quitter's day." And, two crucial days were mentioned on it, Jan 12 and Jan 19, the former is the day when your motivation may begin to falter and the latter is the fateful day you actually quit.

how to stick to new year resolution
happy new year

Now that when I write this post, I am well past the "faltering" day and I do not see myself quitting on January 19 just for the fact that the results are too good to ignore. Oh, but I haven't yet revealed my new year's resolution, my bad! Well.. in 2020, "I will perform 100 push-ups in every single day," just that. In this post, I wish to give only the four tips on how to survive the quitter's day, just from my experience, really.

Start small: whatever you desire to achieve, always start in tiny bits. However, we all do quite the opposite, take giant leaps, before we're able to. This time I started small, 10 sets of 10 reps, which helped me build up the basic strength and for the last four, five days, I have been able to evolve to, 5 sets of 20 reps. This has given me "confidence in starting small" but the thing is you must also see to it that you make progress down the road. Therefore....

Record changes: this is a pretty good way to see if you're advancing. Suppose, your new year's resolve is "to read 10 pages of a given book in a day." Keep asking yourself, how much have you been able to improve, "did you learn some new words?", "are you able to think better?", "do you concentrate easily?" These questions help because they reaffirm your faith in your new year's aim. I have been able to see certain "unique definitions" along my shoulders and abdominal areas, not gonna lie, I am genuinely impressed.

Find time: these days we all seem to have an excuse that there's no time, busy life? Actually, if you analyze very fairly, you will see soon how much of time you waste in a given day. Scrolling down Facebook or Instagram feed, checking out some YouTube videos, sleeping around, Netflixing and chilling and so on. Remember, friends, there is always time on our hands, and also, there's always a reason to commit to our resolves. Please do make a schedule for it if you have to. I do 100 push-ups very early in the morning, in fact, I am writing this very post after having done it.

Be patient: you may have heard this, "good things take time," right? Not just a saying after all because all the good things in life do take quite a lot of time to come our way. In this case, patience and perseverance are your weapons, own them! I didn't start seeing "growth" in a day or two, not even in a week. Today's 17th of Jan, over two weeks have gone by, and I can look at myself in the mirror, see some outcomes, they give me a kick, and therefore I continue my new year's resolution the next day also. Be patient, the results will come, slowly, but surely.

That is all. I hope you commit to your resolve. I am sure you will make progress. Also, once again, wishing you a very happy new year, can't believe Jan is almost gone!