Who Moved My Cheese?

I didn't really plan on reading this book but my brother who's on a nice little "Tour de Himachal" left it out in the open. The title itself was tempting enough for me and since I had some spare time on me I started reading it pretty soon. Furthermore, the book was merely some 90 pages long so I thought I could finish it in one sitting... and so I did!

a review of the book who moved my cheese

In fact in only about two and a half hours if I'm to become pedantic...sorry not sorry...but not only because the book's short and fun but also for the ability of it to be so damn relatable! The "cheese" as in the title refers to those petty little things we hold on to and believe that they're ours for-ever to keep.

The book has three sections 1. The gathering 2. The story and 3. The discussion. A group of friends have reunited in some setting and they're discussing how life's changed so fast in so many ways and in so unorderly fashion since they've left school. Many even have dreaded those continually changing situations and felt like running away.

Then there comes the main story which you've to read for yourself to fully appreciate... but it totally blows away our pre-existing notions about "change". Throughout the story there are these compact quotations which summarise what's been learned so far as the story's been told... for there is somewhere in all of us "Hem" who's too unwilling to change.

a review of the book who moved my cheese

My favorite part is the discussion in the end. The readers now begin to understand that "cheese" may not necessarily be material possession but also could be something more valuable such as love or relationship. You must identify and accept eventually that "your cheese" has been moved. But if it's remained with you for some time now anticipate that it may very well one day disappear because remember... nothing's permanent!

However, despite knowing that change is part and parcel of life, most of us are used to not changing... we'd rather complain or sit still in disappointment. The book therefore teaches us to "move with the cheese" meaning to adapt to change quickly because the faster you let go of the "old cheese" the sooner you are to enjoy the "new cheese" which is to come slowly but surely.

And I think lucky are the ones who experience changes in life because otherwise you're not growing. I believe that life is not life when it is routine you know what I mean? So remember this that there's always going to be new cheese somewhere out in the "maze" so just enjoy the change and don't fear it anymore. To say this book life-changing would still be an understatement if you ask me and I am just glad that I've read it finally.

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