Into An Ocean of Knowledge

There is a famous saying attributed to ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius, "I read I forget.. I see I remember.. I do I understand," meaning that learning better be done by doing. In the National Science Centre of Delhi, this is well and truly practiced. When you come here, you will understand how science is not merely facts but also part and parcel of daily life.

There are probably hundreds of scientific games, demonstrations and experiments for all age groups. There is also life-like figurines of prehistoric creatures such as the T-Rex and Velociraptor and the good part is.. they freaking move! And not only sciences, there is a particular section for maths also because after all there is no science without it right?

Fluid Viscosity

Pythagoras Theorem

The place is so big and abundant that you'd get lost and tired if on your own. Luckily I wasn't alone because I had made two friends Purnima and Monika their names and both science graduate students like me. I was certainly anticipating lots of school children but didn't expect to meet like minded people my age. Thankfully I did and we explored the whole thing together with lots of fun.

Rust Proof Iron

Egg Thief

They were both quite intelligent I mean both very interested in science and technology. And I am glad that more women are getting into science because they're good enough for it. The thing is girls are made to believe early on in their lives that they're not but if given ample opportunity they can really go far and wide. Just for instance renowned radioactivity pioneer Marie Curie who went on to win two Nobel Prizes!

Whenever I didn't understand what was displayed they gently explained the thing to me and I was deeply overwhelmed by their general humility. Then there were also times when I was able to help them and I am just pleased that I could. We were all repeatedly wowing like little children who marveled at the sights of nature. I was also interested in the rare pictures of scientific history and especially those which were related to India.

There were separate divisions for optical illusions, electromagnetic delights, aeronautical wonders and so on. There were numerous facts, quizzes, 3D and Hologram shows and what not.. everything under one roof! Time passed so quickly since we were having so much fun and I think even someone who's little interested in science would not get bored here.

At the end of the day we were all so tired our legs hurting so bad that we had to find place to sit. Then ate some lunch together on one plate can you believe it? We were complete strangers few hours ago knowing not where we came from or what we did and then we were chatting and eating together. I think science connected us. Finally we each headed in our own ways having enjoyed our little trip together.

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