My Mom's a Scientist!

For as long as I can remember she is the one solitary manager of our house; more than that, she has made it home. As I have grown older, I have come to realize that besides having excellent management skills, she is also a scientist.

➤ Making Ghee at home: she's done it many a times by long heating cream. In this process, you're clarifying butter for ghee by cooking out the water and making the milk solids come to the surface so they can be removed. This is introductory organic chemistry... "हमने तो सिर्फ पढ़ा था मम्मी ने अप्लाई किआ!" My mom's always experimenting with food like a little child.

➤ Law of inertia: when I was helping her out this diwali cleaning I noticed she beat the hell out of those old dust ridden carpets. I said "don't, I have allergy" and I sneezed three times one after another like it was getting crazy. "But it is the law," she replied, "when you beat it, the dust particles fall down," am not even joking I was seriously impressed!

➤ Mixing science and art: she is a master of home science. We know already that cooking is art but if you realize it, cooking also is science, because you have to put the right kind of mixture of spices for the food to taste yummy. Otherwise there is more than enough chances that you'd end up making a mess really. She has practiced and trained for years to gain this sort of mastery.

➤ Agricultural sciences: she is very dedicated to gardening and employs variety of scientific methods to grow her flower babies. Just for instance "stem cutting" is the process she uses whereby a piece of the plant's stem is rooted into a growth medium such as moist soil. With this method my mom's grown beautiful red roses whose picture is listed below.

my mom is a scientist stay at home moms use science engineering jugaad examples at indian home mother's day special

➤ She has a good habit of collecting fruit or vegetable peel and converting it into manure for her plants. At times I would comment about its smell and she'd reply, "this stinking manure is going to become a flower soon and then you won't complain," which is justified. Do you remember we were taught the three Rs in environmental science? Well she's actually the one who's standing by the phrase "reduce, reuse, recycle".

➤ She is also an expert at making engineering makeshift or jugaad as we like to call it in India. For example, using paper clip to find the end of a tape roll easily. To reuse some old container as a flowerpot. To collect water from air conditioner drainage in a bottle and use it for watering plants. There are lots of other examples I have missed out on but they are there.

I think from all the examples it is clear that stay at home mom is more than a just stay at home mom. She is a scientist, an engineer and an overall manager who is committed to run a successful, profitable and happy household. Therefore, let us recognize her "mehnat" which is basically effort in hindi; let us not forget.

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