Bitten By The Bug of Poetry

I recently attended the annual jashn-e-rekhta and got the opportunity to see renowned Indian lyricist and poet Javed Akhtar live. He was witty and humorous as always but also another thing became more apparent, his charisma on stage. Even at his age he always speaks with so much passion and energy, which will bring shame to any of us who call themselves part of "Gen-Z."

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There were other events also but I came mainly to see him because I had always been a fan of his sharp and clever comebacks. His views on life, religion and culture have made me think and question my own position deeply. However this time the conversation was more poetry oriented but I didn't feel left out or bored. In fact, felt my brain cells increasing as I heard him recite his favorite poetry.

When I returned home, I also felt bitten by the bug of poetry. And I remembered I had written one on religion and politics so I looked for it, found it, and posted it online. It goes like this, "our leaders even today divide us in two, but if i can see it and you can too, why not then we raise voice, make some noise, because after all aren't we more or less the same, just human beings, flesh and bones, with different names?"

Writing poetry in english is more difficult for me since it is not my native language. So I decided to write in hindi instead because in this tongue I have somewhat more command and precision. Poetry could be so fun I had never imagined.. it really is a play with words. And especially when you feel so strongly about a particular subject it becomes even easier to write about it.

I will keep writing poetry whenever I feel like it and whenever I want to convey my emotions in small number of words. There is a famous saying, "In science one tries to tell people, something that no one ever knew before, in such a way so that it be understood by everyone. But in poetry, it is the exact opposite." I feel differently though.

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