The meeting at Connaught Place

I had been to this place before but not like this. The connaught place is recognized as the big bustling financial hub of the capital city and a single visit here is never really enough. But only this time I felt as if I'd walked on every single street in the area, talked to every single street vendor, gone and sat everywhere, and seen what's to be seen.

delhi connaught place review blogging india street food wax museum

I first waited eagerly for a friend at the Rajiv Chowk metro station, her name Tanishqa. This was going to be our first meeting and yet we had already a lot in common: books, anime, Uttarakhand and love for Japanese. With each passing minute of course we were to know more and more about one another, and we did.

Our destination was Madame Tussauds Wax Museum which is the first and only of its kind in the whole of India. Here we'd get to see life-like wax statues of famous celebrities from all parts of the world under one roof. The first and foremost task was to find the location of it which turned out to be a pain in the neck.

The connaught place is so big it is crazy and you can't really understand where to go and where to stop. The usage of google maps didn't much help because the thing didn't load in the first place (stupid ISP)! But anyway we decided finally to walk around the place and at the same time see if we could make it to the museum on our own.

delhi connaught place review blogging india street food wax museum

And that turned out to be a good decision overall, you know... to just walk and talk until we reached where we had to... because even if we couldn't we'd still have known about each other really well in the time. She was very mature for her age (even more so than me to be honest) and she really knew how to keep a conversation going.

A little about our humble pahadi roots and lots about anime and Japanese language, we really could talk and keep on talking! There was hardly any moment of silence because there was so much to listen and so much to say and ask. This was the meeting between two strangers, in a place unknown to them, explored and seen fully by neither, and yet somehow we got along really well, I think, as if two old buddies had had a reunion.

delhi connaught place review blogging india street food wax museum

Then we made it to the museum at last and like any other Tusaauds round the world, this one too had Bollywood, Hollywood, sport and even political figurines. She was pretty excited to see Lionel Messi (not so much when she saw Justin Bieber or Virat Kohli). We also played a KBC style quiz-game with Anil Kapoor as he was seen in the international blockbuster "Slumdog Millionaire".

Then we met the king of pop Michael Jackson himself in his iconic pose. His popular hits played in the background (such as Billie Jean) and you could dance to it if you wanted to, there was a big ass mirror for the very purpose. There was Narendra Modi, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and others too. On the ground floor were Will Smith sitting (he was so effin real even his hair), Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo diCaprio, Hrithik Roshan, SRK and other prominent stars.

delhi connaught place review blogging india street food wax museum

The two of us walked out of the museum pretty impressed with wax sculpting but also still hoping to see some of our other favorites the next time. She'd want Nawazuddin Siddiqui to be displayed for example and I'd be happy to see personalities from science and technology (Steve Jobs, Hawking and Einstein come first to my mind).

And then we returned to walking again... strolling through the connaught place streets one at a time, checking out the books that were to be sold, adorable (and naughty) crayon shin chan magnets, more books on the street, models comfortably posing for the camera, cool electric bikes, giant solar powered sunflower (it was pretty big) and also chatting about our common interests all the time... the whole thing was fun.

Even though the sun was calm throughout the day we were exceedingly thirsty from all the walking, therefore ended up in a café, "shake square" its name, surprisingly it's been serving here since 1971, she knew it, been to it many a times, and so she thought it'd be good for the two of us to relax here for a little while.

delhi connaught place review blogging india street food wax museum

The place was quite fancy and I usually avoid such "uptown" places, (more of a street food kind of guy to be honest), but I went along anyway since she insisted. But in the very first few minutes, I started to like it, the pictures that were hung, the colors that were on, and the general Parisian theme of the "classy" shake square café.  I'd be willing to come again, yes.

She very candidly browsed through her mobile phone and showed me some of the pictures from her village in Uttarakhand. As we sipped our creamy shakes bit by bit we looked through each other's phones without even realizing that we were almost strangers just a few hours ago. It was as if two best friends didn't really care about each other's privacy. She had really an excellent sense of photography and all her clicks out of the world!

Again casually wandered through the main marketplace, ate the soft and crunchy "ram ladoos" as they are famously called here in Delhi (I was shocked she hadn't tasted this street delicacy before). Then came back to the usual Pao Bhaji in the Palika Bazaar and after we were full we could say goodbye to each other with complete satisfaction. The day was worthy enough to be written about hence this post.