How To Become Immortal?

Have you ever realized just how insignificant our existence really is? If I die today then a hundred years later what is the proof that I was alive at this time?

Human beings have sought the meaning of life and death since time immemorial hence these questions are not entirely new.

We wish to know what our purpose is, how there is something rather than nothing, why that dying is inevitable and who will remember that we were present?

To answer who will know; earth will acknowledge that you once had lived and breathed because she replenishes herself with dead flesh, blood and bones, which is, when you are buried.

If however someone is cremated after death, that would be a different story; their debris will scatter throughout the world, probably, but remain well within the atmosphere of earth.

Some scientists such as Neil deGrasse Tyson prefer burial, "I want that flora and fauna dine upon my dead body just as I have dined upon flora and fauna during my lifetime," he said in an interview.

Whichever do you prefer there is no problem; but let me return to the topic of my post; earth and air are not sentient; they have no memory and they will not remember your name.

Oh, needless to say, that should be the case; on the other hand, friends and family will most likely remember; well at least as long as they are still alive and kicking.

Yet, one hundred years after, what shall be the concrete evidence that I had existed? The goal is to defeat death by a long margin to ensure future people will know that I was.

The solution is simple really: plant a tree within your lifetime; this is pretty much it; not silly allow me to explain how.

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Trees live for very long; age ranging from hundred to thousand years. If you plant a tree early in life, it will become a living proof of your existence for decades and centuries to come.

Suppose you start in twenties: on a private piece of land; plant and grow a tree to its maturity; after which you reach probably your fifties or sixties.

You may then scribble your name, achievement, your failure or whatever you like you put it out on the tree trunk. Hence, immortality accomplished, well, kind of, before you even have died!

This is probably why couples in love etch on a tree so that their romance may last forever; but I don't know for sure if this is what they really mean to do.

Moving on, in the distant future, sentient creatures such as birds and squirrels and insects will likely build their home on the tree.

But, of course, they will not read your name or comprehend the true purpose of the tree. Yet, they will perhaps recognize that this tree they sit on did not just pop out of the blue.

On the other hand, when people or sentient computers pass by that tree they will know what it was originally planned for. All the hard work which went into it will have survived; you will have lived through the tree.

This sound too stupid? It is not really, no, because to tell you the truth, I just wanted to have one more reason to plant a tree apart from it preventing erosion of soil or breathing out oxygen.

In any case, the solution to surviving death is easy and poetically beautiful. You will have long gone from the face of the earth but the tree will remain standing for hundreds of years hopefully.

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