Seven things that cannot be acquired overnight

Marie Curie had once said, "I was taught that nothing in life comes swift and easy," which is indeed very true, "we must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves that this thing must be attained and that it can be done," she added.

But it is human nature to be impatient especially in the modern times. We hope for instant, overnight results; well, some of these desirable things do come overnight, (such as fame for example). But the things that happen overnight are often shallow and rarely long-lasting.

great things take time to happen

Following is a list of 7 things that cannot come easy. I present to you these, not to demoralize, but to remind you, that the greatest things in life take time to develop. Whenever you feel like quitting, remember this very article, okay?

Nobody becomes millionaire overnight, unless, you've decided to follow unethical ways (scamming for example), which is strictly not recommended if long-term peace of mind is to be desired.

If you weigh over 100 kilos right now and your aim is to lose some, you will hardly see results within a week of exercise. You will have to be patient because any visible effects will take time.

Knowledge or wisdom come not overnight but through exchanges and experience. You must read, preach and practice. You just can't hope to achieve supreme level of understanding of the world in a day.

Trust, whether in relationships or businesses, don't get built in a night. A relationship is like a building, whose foundation must be strong, upholding. This footing is called trust and once perfected, the structure or the relationship will last forever.

We human beings are stubborn creatures, sticking on to wrong habits, and practices of the past. A great revolution is not going to occur in a day. Therefore, one should not say, "oh, these things can never change," trust me, they can and they will.

It is very well said that respect is to be earned and not to be demanded. Then, it also is true that respect's earned in a long time, in fact, directly associated with the "trust factor" mentioned before.

You top exams not by cramming but by regular efforts throughout the year. Too obvious, right? Similarly, all the other significant successes also happen, but not right away, only after a while. So hold on.

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