Steps to prevent air pollution

Day by day, it is getting harder to breathe. Introduction of harmful gases, dust particles, and biological molecules into the atmosphere is responsible for allergies, diseases and even death to humans. In fact, in India, air pollution is the third highest cause of deaths!

steps to prevent air pollution

Hence, it is necessary to provide certain steps or rules that must be taken seriously for betterment of the earth. I myself abide by them and hope that you can too.

➤ Walk or cycle to nearby places such as bazaar, mandi, stationary and so on. In this way, you not only help the planet but also keep yourself fit. It is funny but I've seen people use even cars to commute within their locality!

➤ Employ public transport to go to work. All the buses operated in Delhi use CNG as fuel and metros run exclusively on electricity. This only has helped in controlling the pollution level. If you dislike crowd, try ride-sharing (carpool).

➤ When you're out to purchase new air conditioner, adopt eco-friendly technology such as R32 and R410 for cooling purposes. They are zero ozone depleting substances, having minimum global warming potential.

steps to prevent air pollution

➤ For festivities like diwali, new year, wedding and so on, don't expend lots of cash on firecrackers. Please celebrate responsibly because fireworks leave behind metal particles, toxins and harmful chemicals in the soil, air and water.

➤ Give support to government schemes like plastic ban and odd-even in Delhi. People generally get frustrated because of such plans but they must come together for the greater good. Raise awareness and contribute today for better tomorrow.

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