How to prevent air pollution

With each passing day, it is getting harder to breathe in the city. There's lots of factors responsible for this problem; introduction of harmful gases, dust particles and harmful biological molecules in the atmosphere.

They cause allergies, respiratory diseases and even death to animals. In fact, according to a leading English daily, air pollution in India is the third highest cause of deaths among all health risks.

Hence, it has become necessary to follow certain steps on an individual level to save the air. These rules are quick to adopt and contribute in the long term.

how to steps to prevent air pollution india

➤ Walk or cycle to nearby places such as bazaar, grocery or stationary and so on. In this way, both the planet and body benefit. Sometimes it is funny but I have seen people use cars to commute even within their locality!

➤ Employ public transport to go to work. Because all the buses operated in Delhi use CNG fuel and metros run exclusively on electricity. This only has helped in reducing the pollution; if however, you dislike crowd, try ride sharing that is carpooling.

➤ When you are out to purchase air conditioner or fridge, adopt eco-friendly technology such as R32 and R410 for cooling purposes. They are zero ozone depleting substances meaning they have minimum global warming potential.

➤ For festivities like diwali, new year, wedding and so on, don't waste lots of cash on firecrackers. Instead find other means to celebrate or celebrate responsibly; because fireworks leave behind metal particles and toxins in the soil, air and water.

➤ Whenever you leave a room turn off the fan or light. This is because to create electricity, most power plants burn coal or other fossil fuels. Saving energy on personal level can help the environment by decreasing power plant emissions.

➤ Eat more vegetarian diet and less meat; consume local home grown food if that is possible. Because animal farms are factories which release more harmful substances into air than all the vehicles combined; such as methane and nitrous oxide.

➤ Give support to government schemes like plastic ban and odd-even in Delhi. The people generally get frustrated because of such immediate actions but they must come together for the greater good. Raise awareness; contribute today for better tomorrow.

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