What's cooking in my life?

I love cooking as much as I love eating! Be it two-minute maggi masala noodles or grilled cheese sandwich, simple-looking omelette or even the rich and sophisticated matar paneer, I definitely enjoy the whole process of it. And if you realize it, cooking is a strange combination of science and art really. How so? Well, to be able to experiment with ingredient and color is a science in itself. As a result of which, what you are ultimately creating is not just edible stuff but also artistic expression of the individual. Right?

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cooking for myself

Now, some of you might say, "wow" but in a rather cynical way, "when a man cooks it is art but for a woman it is supposed to be her job?" Strictly, no! Unfortunately, we live in such society in which cooking is considered a gender-specific job, but it is in actuality for anyone who enjoys experimenting as well as eating together.

A new generation of people like we may very well think and practice progressively but at this moment, the truth is, in most Indian households, women dominate kitchen. What is depressing though is that we do not seem to care enough. It has been famously said that "change starts from one's own house". So, recognize that moms in kitchen are in fact "home-scientists" and "home-artists" who have gained experience and mastery over time. They must be appreciated on a daily basis for their wonderful, tasty creations.

But how often do we say, "thank you" honestly? And how often do we cook for them? How often do we care enough? We simply care not, at least, not up to the point when we are far from home and miss their cooking badly, and so much so that we go on to make memes about it! Ah, we the Gen-Z people.

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