A most difficult decision

What do you want to be when you grow up? An innocent five-year-old who has not any knowledge of the world is constantly asked such a profound question of life, why of course, for the amusement of the rest.

Yet it is quite remarkable that in the palms of this little child is freedom to choose or at least pretend choose a destiny for himself/herself.

To choose a career in India is difficult

Because, 10 or 12 years later, when same child is nearly a grown up, better informed and more prudent than ever before, this question, "What do you want to become in life", is not pondered upon again.

Most of us are pushed into one field or the other so as to live an unfulfilling and monotonous life. Why when it was needed most, the freedom of choice was disallowed.

Growing up, I was indoctrinated to believe engineering as the epitome of a career. An effective incentive was this, that the ones who had pursued this noble profession in the past are living life luxuriously today.

I instantly regretted it though.

For me, each day of engineering was like fighting a losing battle, you know what I mean? Therefore, unlike the other stubborn warriors, I demanded a restart. A change is the most difficult decision, this I can tell.

After much initial resistance, my parents supported me through thick and thin. By contrast, rest of the world maintained that I quietly accept, adjust and survive. "Engineering is a career of security", they asserted.

To choose a career in India is difficult
But what is "secure" anyway?

Engineering as I see it is an honorable vocation which has provided to humanity the fruits of sciences in various forms. To do it for innovating is one thing but to do it strictly for the "monies" is bogus.

To continue would have been cheating.

So, sometimes the right thing is the hardest thing to do. I do not understand how you may feel about this whole "issue". Still for me, a safe, luxurious but remorseful life is a strictly no, no.


  1. Yes, indeed it is really hard to live with regret;that you know you could have choose what was better for yourself. This "What if"s haunt us through our entire life.

    1. We may not have the power to choose where we come from but we can choose where we go from there.