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In the last year or so, I have learned one essential lesson of life and you could very well benefit from it, I believe. The title and thumbnail of this post may indicate to you that this is going to be another of those weight-loss stories but no, it is not.

weight-loss, fat shaming motivational story

There are numerous sayings on the internet which mindlessly suggest not to bother oneself with other people's opinions. I was a proud supporter of this advice until I came across the following quotes.

"Remember when I asked for your opinion? Yeah, me neither."

"If you have an opinion about my life, please raise your hand. Now put it over your mouth."

"Your opinion is not my reality."

Now see, the first quote is a clear evidence of arrogance. An arrogant man considers himself perfect. This in turn interferes with what should have been his main task in life – becoming a better man.

The second quote disregards free speech. It is important that one must learn to be open minded and respectful to people's opinions even when you don't agree.

The third quote advocates living in a denial. Say if a friend advises you against binge-watching TV or binge-eating ice cream, would you listen to him/her or rather choose to defend a reckless lifestyle?

weight-loss, fat shaming motivational story

In 2015, my body weight was about 60 to 65 kgF. During this time, I was slim, fit and active enough.

Then, in less than six months time, a radical increase from 65 kgF to about 90 kgF, can you believe it? This was built up in 2016 and maintained throughout 2017 thanks to one or another reason but mainly, binge-eating.

Mind then became a slave of the body. Time was less valued. Productivity reached an all-time low. Hardly any physical activity in a day. Excessive perspiration while eating. I was breathing air but I was not really living. I was waiting for a magical something to come and give me a vision for my life.

My mother declared, "You have changed, son." An old friend asserted, "Vedang, you have gotten so fat." Someone sneered while saying, "Look what's happened to you, bro." An indifferent relative said, "You are perfectly healthy."

Their incoming jokes, taunts, questions or opinions were helpful, really. They brought me a chance to introspect. Their noise was a much needed mirror of reality which I had forsaken long ago.

Criticism is beautiful, I must say.

weight-loss, fat shaming motivational story
Mussoorie, 2018

I weigh 70 kgF at the time of publishing this post. A full twenty kilos I was able to lose in a year or so. I feel more confident, more ready and more willing to experiment in life. If I had been defensive or ignorant or arrogant, I would not have been able to improve.

To summarize, I will tell you this: that an opinion is not to be feared, that it is only to be understood with a humble and receptive mind.

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